Howard's most requested topics

Include but are not limited to:

Make Someone’s Day – how it can make a difference for you, your organization and your life.

Beyond Category – unlock the key to the success of the best and brightest and being steller.

Check in, Check up, Check out – how to be the manager your team needs during both remote times and as we go back to in-person work.

Making it work – insights as to how leadership development can have a lasting effect for your organization.


Inspiring and practical keynotes for organizations and managers. Speaker at international conferences, programs and meetings.


Leader of executive retreats that work through challenging board issues whether it's building a high-performing team, facilitating critical meetings, or leading innovative sessions to develop a vision, mission, and update strategy.


Facilitates skillful workshops with learning that sticks and is adapted to your needs around leadership, personal development, and Make Someone's Day.

Howard's talks

Howard speaks to inspire, to share his research and results, and to grow leaders, managers, HR and Talent Development professionals. As a learning professional, Howard's interactive talks and workshops blend his enthusiasm for helping people in a way that is engaging, relevant, fun, and practical. He speaks frequently to organizations of all sizes and on every continent, and has been a frequent and featured speaker at the ATD International Conference for over 20 years, the talent development industry's largest conference.

Speaking topics

Make Someone's Day: What It Can Do for You & Your Organization

We all need ways to support one another, especially during trying times. Managers and leaders need new approaches to guide their staff, teams, and colleagues in a positive, uplifting manner. Make Someone’s Day is about doing something so powerful at the right time and in the right way, precisely what someone needs to move forward. As a result, the giver experiences a boomerang effect that in turn inspires them too. Make Someone’s Day is aimed at both a business audience and to all of us who believe we can do better to uplift those around us in significant ways. Hearing the words, “You made my day!” is the strongest and most powerful compliment one can receive. Learn how you can make someone’s day in a way that will have a tremendous impact on others … and on you! As a result of attending this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Learn the process of Making Someone’s Day – the VIP model
  • Understand the impact Make Someone’s Day can have on others and the number of ways you can make it happen.
  • Identify how making someone’s day can make you a better boss, leader, associate, and friend
Become a Stellar Performer

What characteristics do stellar performers have that lead to their success and make them beyond category? Stellar performers are people who are true standouts in their field – Nobel Prize recipients, MacArthur Genius Grant winners, Presidential Medal of Freedom winners, Gold medal Olympic athletes, and Multiple Best-selling authors. As Duke Ellington describes, people who are beyond category are beyond any label of excellence. Learn the seven stellar characteristics these standouts have in common and what you can do to perform at the highest of levels in your career. As a result of attending this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Identify what it takes to be a stellar performer
  • Describe the characteristics of individuals who achieve this highest level of performance
  • Determine what actions to take to learn the stellar characteristics and apply them to your work
Leading In the Normal Now - How To Be a Great Remote & In Person Leader

When managing teams, groups, and especially individuals remotely, you must start with where they are by following three key steps every time: Check-in, Check-up, and Check- out. These steps initially strengthen trust and build relationships. Then, they lead to an increased focus on the important work needed to be accomplished. Without these three checks, conversations lose their vibrancy, richness, and value, ensuring commitment to the job and work. Using these three checks will guarantee that every interaction can build stronger and more open working relationships. This process can work in person and virtually; however, it is critical to always use these three steps when managing remotely. As a result of attending this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Identify the three checks needed to have a meaningful conversation: check-in, check-up, check-out
  • Be clear on the challenges the employee/team is or could be facing
  • Determine what needs to be accomplished and the support you can provide to ensure both personal and work progress regularly

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