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Make Someone’s Day sports story – sometimes good deeds pay off in more ways than one

When you make someone’s day, the reward is usually the appreciation from others, often said with the four words “you made my day.” Or sometimes “you saved my life.” Which is what a mechanic did during the blizzard last month that blanketed upper New York. As reported by the Good News Network, “Jay broke a window of Edge Academy on Christmas Eve in order to get 2 dozen people, including several seniors and two dogs, out of hurricane-force winds, snow, and deathly cold temperatures. He borrowed the academy’s snowblower to get people unstuck from the roads and into the school. Once inside, he found granola bars, water, and blankets in the nurses’ office, and gathered apples, juice, and cereal from the kitchen. The group sat out the storm, and before leaving cleaned up every trace of their presence.

One of the group, Mario Johnson, went back to the school to replace their stock of granola bars and inquire about the cost of the window. The school declined to press any charges, nor accept any of Mario’s repeated attempts to pay for the window. “They’re just happy that we were safe and warm,” Mario said.

Here’s the surprise ending. The Buffalo Bills and Blue Cross Blue Shield have given Jay 2 Super Bowl tickets. Wow. People don’t make someone’s day in order to be awarded a prize or a gift, but what a nice surprise when that happens. Now for the Bills to make the Super Bowl – that would be the cherry on top! Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to find an opportunity to make someone’s day!

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