Make Someone's Day

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The most powerful words someone can say to you are “You made my day!” You haven’t just done an act of kindness when you hear that. You have done something, at the right time and in the right way, that’s the most powerful tool for inspiring your colleagues, staff, friends and even strangers.  As a result, you may turn someone’s day or life around, inspire and motivate them, or simply get them unstuck. As a leader, it’s a great motivational tool to use. As a person, it’s heart-lifting and impactful to those around you. Make Someone’s Day book teaches you how to do that with many examples and short exercises, making people feel like a VIP. Through the book, learn the simple model and the many ways you can Make Someone’s Day. Or bring me in for a talk or workshop that will leave people in your organization making each other’s day on a more regular basis.

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    Deanna Silver Jacobson
    Practice Manager, Allergy and Asthma Physicians

    "We all appreciate the small and not-so-small kindnesses offered to us, however too often we neglect the small ways in which we can extend kindness to those very people. How much better this world could be if we followed Howard’s lead to let people know when they have made our day! I’d like to buy a case of this book to leave around town in the hopes that some people could up their kindness and expressions of appreciation a notch just to remind people how easy it is to make someone’s day!"

    Behind the story

    Making someone's day is how I live my life. My greatest joy is when I'm able to inspire others and make their day whether it's a simple act like being the first to sign a petition or more involved like rebuilding homes after Hurricane Katrina. I've seen how it works as a manager and leader unleashing the talents of people to do their best. And I've studied the neuroscience behind it and created a simple model to put it into use.


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