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Howard Prager

Founder and Executive Director

Howard H Prager is President of Advance Learning Group, an author, speaker, executive coach and leadership consultant who strengthens people and organizations through insightful talks, workshops, leadership and management programs. With extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations to F500 companies and a leader in executive education, Howard has earned eight professional awards for his work. A member of the prestigious Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches, Howard is a sought after speaker, a weekly sports columnist, and tuba player bringing his varied skills and insights to all his work. Howard is an author of numerous ATD and other professional journal articles, facilitator for the Human Capital Institute, lead assessor for ANAB and mentor in higher education and youth organizations. He is a thought leader advancing the field of leadership development and is the author of the soon-to-be released book “Make Someone’s Day: What It Can Do for You & Your Organization.”

Howard Prager

Shawn Swearingen
Executive Director, CLDA

"Howard was the perfect facilitator and MC for our first Executive Leadership Summit, ensuring that all the leaders came away with insights and ideas that will help each of their businesses."

Harry Tillman

Being able to see the people that are extremely succesful allows us to realize we can achieve that success too. Howard allowed us to realize that in ourselves.

Naomi Berkove
Director, Corporate U PDN, ATD Chicago

"You were clearly in your element talking about leadership development and not keeping up with the status quo. Your insight and expertise contributed to a successful evening."


Certified in Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder-Centered Coaching, Howard has coached C-Suite and both senior and junior leaders to achieve the goals they establish allowing them to perform at their best.


Specific skills Howard brings include being a keen listener, questioner, designer, and developer of innovative and award-winning leadership certificate programs and exercises.


With forty years experience in leadership development leading learning organizations and running higher education groups, Howard brings both the insight and innovation needed to create the next level of leadership.

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